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Odor Treatment

South Carolina Hoarding can treat odors left behind by pets or unwanted animals like mice, rats, racoons, or skunks. Let’s face it, pet urine has an unpleasant odor. When animals urinate frequently in the same place, the urine can soak into your carpet, padding, floor, subflooring, drywall, framing, or foundation. When the urine dries, it becomes concentrated and the odor can seem impossible to eliminate.

Animal urine is not the only cause of unwanted odor. Mold in your attic smells, even after the cause of moisture is remediated. Racoon carcasses in your walls and feces from mice in your basement or bats in your attic can also produce strong odors, not to mention pathogens like hantavirus, fungus, or roundworm that can be transmitted over the air.

With the right products and processes, the feces can be removed and odors reduced or eliminated! This process may require porous materials, like carpet and drywall, to be removed. It may require specialized chemicals and

application techniques to break apart urine and disinfect solid surfaces. We may need to use several additional treatments to further eliminate or encapsulate odor causing materials.

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